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Balboni Residence – Custom Home
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“I had taken months to collect various magazine pictures of the things we wanted incorporated into our home.  Jeff’s firm worked with us and included everything we had hoped could be included.

After we had an initial discussion of what we wanted, he came to us with a set of Preliminary Drawings and with interaction between our wants and his concern for the architecture we worked together to create the home of our dreams.

We would be happy to work with Jeff again.”

Rod Schonland – Renovation/Office Planning

“Our law firm purchased a fairly large house that really needed some work. We wanted to incorporate both my home as well my law firm in a way that my clients or my family would know the difference from one space to the next.

Jeff’s firm took the challenge and ran with it.  He was able to separate one from the other and create spaces that make a real difference in how I work and live.

He has a real knack for detail and space planning.”

Silva Residence – Custom Home
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“Peter is a Contractor and I am a Realtor, so we are very familiar with housing styles and spaces that create “homes” as well as how they are constructed.  We gave Jeff a lot of ideas and he listened and took notes.  Even in the first pass of a Preliminary set of Drawings, we knew this home was going to be something special.

We suggested using stone to cover the foundation and he worked with the existing grades and created a feel that the house is coming out of the ground with the house “stepping” up the hill. It looks great.

We are very happy with the two-story spaces created in the Living Room and Kitchen spaces as well.”