About Us

ar-chi-tec-ture (ar’ke tek’ cher) n. 1. The science, art or profession of designing and constructing buildings, bridges, etc.

jeffrey m. metcalfe, r.a. is in the profession of architecture to provide quality design services to his clients by listening to their needs and wants and creating their new environments in a timely manner to fit their budget.

jeffrey m. metcalfe, r.a. prides themselves on creating designs that reflect the Owner’s functional needs, we do this by having an understanding of the operation and dynamics of spaces necessary.  We also keep within budget by using standard materials and products that work with the architecture.   “Custom” materials tend to add to the overall cost of a project, but are generally used only when necessary.

The architecture of jeffrey m. metcalfe, r.a. consists of a variety of building uses from Office Planning to Restaurants and Retail Spaces, from Custom Homes to Family Room additions. We also provide Site development services to an Owner trying to create the best and efficient use of a site.

We don’t specialize, our expertise is as varied as our clients.